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Nu Sparkling Wine

NU, translating to NAKED in French, is an exceptional sparkling wine from Alsace, France. Created with minimal intervention to meet the dietary needs of its founders, our beautiful, light wine has been carefully crafted to be soft, smooth and balanced, with white fruit and floral notes.


There are no nasty surprises in our sparkling as we trust the quality of the hand-picked grapes that go into every bottle. Our wine is free from added sulphites, colours, and unnecessary sugars, making it both gluten free and keto friendly. Unlike many conventional wines, we are happy to tell you the ingredients that are used during the winemaking process on our website as we are very proud of the clean processes used to produce every bottle.


From using non-chemical vegan friendly fertiliser on the vines to the green peas used to fine our wine, we have ensured that no animal-derived products are used at any stage of our wine making process. And an added benefit is that not only do the green peas give our wine a beautiful clarity, they actually improve soil fertility when grown. It’s a win, win.


Nu Sparkling really is a fizz with benefits.

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