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Boire Brandy 

Crafted by our French distillery in the heart of Champagne using the same methods as Cognac, Boire is created from wines sourced exclusively from Champagne vineyards. Blended with exquisite spirits distilled from French wheat and aged in oak casks nestled deep within historic barrel cellars beside the Marne River. Boire develops its distinct taste and signature aroma over a minimum of four years in cask oak barrels.


Boire is a fine de la marne / fine champenoise brandy specific to the Champagne region of France and is much appreciated by connoisseurs for its high-quality. Old gold amber in colour, the bouquet brings notes of spice, orange peel, and dried figs. The aromatic strength of Boire is exceptional, with a delicate taste of hazelnut, walnut, and cedar wood, finally delivering a subtle finish of crystallised fruits.


Complex, smooth, and well-rounded, our vegan friendly and gluten-free brandy can be enjoyed on its own, on the rocks, or as the base of an exceptional Boire cocktail.

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