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Ballers Champagne

The epitome of luxury and quality, no drink in the world says those things more than champagne. Created with a simple vi- sion in mind, to blend traditional methods with modern tech- niques and designs to appeal to a new generation of champagne drinkers. And for those of us with a pursuit to be lavishly successful, a champagne named for those who aspire to be great.

In 2015, after years of searching, our vision came to fruition when we established a vineyard. Drawing upon more than four cen- turies of experience in the region and using low dosages as a testament to the superior quality of their grapes, I knew that La Maison Penet was the only house that could craft our luxury champagne.

Wanting a design that was as extravagant as the Ballers name, I chose to adorn our signature bottle with a distinctive and unique metal label. To ensure that the appearance of our champagne is as superb as the taste, we pride ourselves in attention to detail. Our chrome editions require ten skilled professionals to assem- ble all elements of our exquisite bottles.

Ballers Champagne is an international brand that is privately held, with a philosophy centred on the finest quality. Synon- ymous with a lavish lifestyle, I created Ballers Champagne for everyone who works hard to live the dream.


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